Frequently Asked Questions
In what year ExtraMoneybux entered the market?

Extramoneybux is in the market since November 21, 2018.

¿How long do the company's payments take?

The maximum we can delay in paying is 48 hours late.

Why can not I withdraw?

For the only reasons you will not be able to leave, it will be because you are not linked to our Telegram channel and your preferred group and if you have not broken any of our terms.

¿Why do not they pay me for what I work in PTCWALL?

PTCWALL payments are paid manually, payments are issued on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Why do I only earn cents for the ads and I can not make a quick dollar?

You must diversify not only the advertisements, but also work in the PTCWALL and Offers4all companies to be able to generate more income, there you will find, according to your country, some surveys and announcements of them.

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